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Wet Dog Tavern was founded and motivated by the legacy of our beloved Lilly Sophia.  She was an inspirational Golden Retriever who LOVED swimming.  Unfortunately, Lilly passed away suddenly to a silent disease not well understood - Immune Mediated Hemolyctic Anemia (IMHA).

She was a one of a kind friend who accepted anyone and made everyone enjoy the small moments in life, bringing laughter and smiles always.

We're here to celebrate her memory by allowing her best traits to live on through our service.  By providing a unique environment with lively activities that can't be found anywhere else, it is our goal to share in Lilly's memory so that we can create new ones together.

As we continue strongly supporting local communities and foundations such as the HRA, overall it's our goal to bring better awareness to life-threatening diseases and assist in all ways possible to continue lifting up those around us through raising funds at the Tavern.  We believe community is the greatest strength of any location, and hope that the Wet Dog Tavern may continue to grow the very strength of our community every day, one drink at a time.

Come over and see what we're all about for yourself.  We look forward to seeing you!

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